Top 5 Unique All Inclusive Cruises You Didn’t Know Existed

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You know something about cruise ships? Before we had the comfortable and super quick options of airplanes, these very ships used to be the way to travel across the world. These days, however, it is a beautiful reminder of how our ancestors experienced the lengths and breaths of the seas. But we get to do it in a much more fun and luxurious way with amazing food, drinks, music and so much more.

Now unless you are a super fan of cruise and are up to date on all the promotions and offers, chances are that you do not know about the best cruise offers available right now. But don’t worry, because we are going to tell you. Just read on while you make mental plans for your next vacations.

Silversea Cruise

If sophistication defines luxury for you then this is the cruise for you. An all-inclusive treat for you and that special someone to spend your vacation days completely customized to your heart’s content. The best part is that you get everything in a single package, the airfare, transportation, and pre-cruise lodging which happens to be as luxurious as the cruise itself. You will also get to have your personal butler and complete access to all the activities on board, that are as varied as your heart can imagine including the likes of dance classes, cooking lessons and also informative and educational such as about ships and ports.

The Mediterranean and the Seven Seas from Israel

Twelve nights of absolute bliss are waiting for you in this cruise all the way from Israel to Italy which will take you through Mediterranean. It is a 500 people ship with splendid cabins, private balconies, a wide range of delicacies and drinks on board and a spa to keep you at peace after all the exciting and tiring activities throughout the day.

Avalon Waterways in Vietnam

If you want a full week of luxury and fun starting from Ho Chi Minh City and all the way to Reap in Cambodia. Your partner in the journey will be the Mekong River, with an additional delightful view of the local market. You can have a bicycle tour and explore Cambodian countryside on foot or on the local attraction of ox carts. This is also the cruise for you if you prefer smaller crowds over hundreds of fellow passengers because this one only carries 36 passengers. A given benefit of being smaller is to access places that show you the insides and secrets of the cities that are unreachable for bigger cruises.

Seabourn Cruise

This cruise line is for travelers who are seasoned and have experience not just with exploring the world but also travelling on other cruises. The Seabourn line has cruises of different sizes which means different itineraries as well, but all of the ships here offer all-inclusive deals that mean you will have some world class gourmet meals, enjoyable alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, flights and lodging and costs of all these will be paid by you in lump sum without any hassle. There is also a caviar beach party waiting for you along with wine tasting and water sports.

Crystal Cruise

This all inclusive service began only a few years ago and has quickly become one of the most preferred choices for those who love to sail the seas. The duo of Serenity and Symphony offer all inclusive deals with flights, meals, and wines and spirits all in the same package. With Crystal Cruises you also get extra perks that you are destined to love. These include fitness classes, golf lessons and all access pass to lecture series featuring your favorite celebrities. If you choose the luxury penthouses as your abode for the cruise trip, you will also get your own personal butler and packing and unpacking services. This means you will have all your chores taken care of even to the point of your clothes getting into your wardrobe on the cruise without you having to go through any hassle at all.

These five all inclusive cruises are not the only ones that make attract your fancy, but they sure offer everything any other cruise service has to offer and then some. Do you ever wonder what would have happened if Christopher Columbus did not have a cruise at his disposal? Well think about this, who knows what you might accomplish with a ticket to a Cruise ship yourself. We do not mean to say that you have to discover a new country, but discovering yourself and your traveling partners all the while soaking in the sea breeze, sipping in on French wines and listening to the music of the waves. These Cruise ships offer so much more than momentary luxuries. The memories you make atop the board of the ship will stay with your forever. But what is the point of just reading about it all, why not book a cruise to your favorite destination today and experience it for yourself?