How to Find Cheap All Inclusive Cruise Deals?

Hollywood movies might not have done much to improve our love lives but it sure has given us some supreme ideas for places to propose or have a wedding anniversary. One such sublime option is to be on a cruise. You can have a week on a cruise ship for $300 or so or you can get that one empty cabin you have always wanted even if the rest of the spots are sold out.

However, unless you are Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, you will want to pay the least amount you have to, even for the most romantic and entertaining of the cruise rides. There are several ways to find the cheapest deal such as scrolling through the internet, visiting the offices of services offering cruise packages, and taking opinions from friends who have been to cruises. We hate to be the party-pooper, but these three, especially on their own, are not the perfect way to find that perfect spot on the perfect cruise. We are here to help you with other options that can ensure that you find just what you are looking for at the lowest price possible.

Do some leg work for one day and reap the benefits for ages

This is perhaps the simplest of the things you can do to save on costs, especially on things that do not happen in routine – like a cruise trip. This leg work includes you visiting several cruise lines and agencies and sign up for their newsletters, discount seasons, and any new offers. Whenever a new cruise service enters the market, they are likely to offer lower rates, sometimes ridiculously lower, for the initial few weeks and that could be your golden opportunity. Bonus tip! This method is useful for any cost saving opportunity you are looking for, not just for cruise deals.

Packages are better than pieces

When you are travelling, it is always better for you to look for packages rather than getting bookings for every individual requirement. Hotels, flights, and extra activities like cruise ships put together in deals will cost you much less than if you buy each of them separately. Some luxury hotels often have cruise on their own lists of available entertainment which can be a plus for you if you can look up the options before making a booking.

Use social media to your benefit

You are inevitably going to share your photos on a cruise ship on your social media pages but before you do that, how about using the same social media to save on the very costs of that cruise ride. Twitter is the finest place for putting in deals and discounts for many companies these days. Once you put your plans to have a cruise experience in action, start following the Twitter pages of companies that offer cruise deals., Cruisedeals, and Cruisedealsbtd (Best Travel Deals) are some of your choices. Such companies keep their pages updated about the discounts, deals, promotions that are on so you can really benefit by staying up to date on their social media pages.

Take a chance but not when in risk

The last minute prices can be exponentially higher, but there is always a chance that they are unbelievably low. There are always some deal or another available, but the last minute deals can be your best friend if you can pack up and leave when the right moment strikes. There might be some disadvantages like not getting the cabin of your choice, but then again if you are prepared for the last minute deal you probably care more about the entire experience than getting the right cabin.

Give up something to get something more

While we are at the subject of losing out on your choice of cabin, how about you make that choice consciously and save yourself some money. You can get one of the less preferred cabins and get a discounted deals. There is always a chance that once you get on the cruise you can get an upgrade, and at the same time when you get a cabin booked with a guarantee beforehand, you get lower prices automatically.

Use the strength in numbers

Take your family and friends along. When you buy the tickets or passes in bulk, you are likely to get discounts. With ten or more people you might get a few things in the package for free altogether. There is more than just lower prices on the entry to such an experience. You can get free photography, discounts on any paid on-board activities, as well as extra tours and trips offers.

If you have something with your identity, use it

Some cruise companies offer discounts for senior citizens, military officials, some prestigious professions and even students. Such discounts sometimes also extend to the families of the particular people. Using such factors to your advantage also mean getting something extra on the activities that the cruise company has planned for you. For example they might have some activities especially designed for senior citizens and once the company knows about this while you are registering, you will get in on those deals as well.

Trust the experts

Let’s be honest for a moment here. We all like discounts and better services but we all hate the hassle that goes into getting those discounts. If the latter is more intense for you than the former, you can go for a single solution including all the above mentioned options – a travel agent. You will be spending a little extra for the agent’s commission, but the discounts and advantages you will gain are likely to far outweigh that cost. Travel agents themselves have some excellent deals; sometimes they are offered by the cruise companies while at other times such deals are offered by the travel companies themselves. The exciting part is that the deals offered to travel agencies are usually not offered on the social media pages, pamphlets, or emails. This means they have to be better than the rest. Even if the cruise companies have those deals, the travel agencies sometimes sweeten the pots too. And don’t forget the best part – they will do all your work for you.