Four Types of Cruise Cabins for your Money’s Worth 

Cruises, who doesn’t love them? The cool ocean breeze, the breathtaking sights, the tons of fun activities.  The list is endless.

Until recently, I had been put off cruises lately simply because of the hassle of finding a decent cabin for a decent price. The mere thought of this seemed impossible until I took it upon myself to search earnestly for the best room types for a cruise that gives value for money. Surprisingly, with a little hard work, there are decent room types that offer a great deal for a warm, spacious accommodations for your cruise. Don’t believe me? Well by the time you are done with this article, I am sure you will have changed your mind.

Here are four best cruise room values for your preferred budget:

1. Inside Cabins

Inside cabins are the least spacious cabins on cruise ships with most having 150 to 180 square feet of space.They are located in the interior of the ship. The rooms do not have windows and therefore doesn’t include the picturesque ocean view offered by other cabins. But this shouldn’t worry you too much, most cruise ships offer the same ocean view, just on a channel in a TV screen instead. Though a bit small, most rooms come fully furnished with beds, furniture, bathrooms, showers, a safe and small storage compartments and can accommodate up to four people. Inside cabins offer a wonderful cruising experience at the cheapest price ranging from $50-200 per night depending on the cruise line. The only disadvantage is the lack of a direct ocean view and natural lighting which is a small sacrifice compared to the overall cruise experience. Besides, most of the days on the cruise will be spent outside so there is not much to loose. The spacing in inside cabins may range from the really small cabins that may hold a bed and chair only to huge ones for the more claustrophobic travelers

2. Ocean View Cabins

Priced a little higher than the inside cabins, ocean view cabins are rooms similar to the inside cabins with the exception of a window or two to allow natural light in to the room.The windows range in size from simple portholes to windows that touch the ceiling from the floor.In terms of space and features the inside cabins and the ocean view cabins are pretty much the same so the extra pay is basically for the windows. You can easily snag an ocean view cabin at about 250$ per night to a descent destination and enjoy the natural lighting and the beautiful view of the ocean through your cabin window without paying for the extra balcony space.A marked advantage the ocean view cabin has over the inside cabins is their location. Ocean view cabins can be located anyway on the ship and this may be convenient for travelers who require their rooms on specific areas of the ship for various reasons. An additional 50 or 100$ earns you the comfort of an ocean view cabin. Vampires are advised not to take up these cabins for obvious reasons.

3. Balcony Cabins

The balcony cabins in my opinion offer the best value for money for the budget conscious individual looking for the complete cruising experience. The balcony rooms come in similar or slightly larger dimensions to inside cabins depending on the cruise, with an additional veranda that overlooks the sea. The pricing is slightly more expensive than the ocean view cabins mostly about 300 to 400$ a night but travelers get a chance to not only look but feel the ocean at their whim. I personally recommend the balcony cabin for couples looking to score a romantic cruise or a lone traveler looking for a peaceful space to unwind while in view of the ocean. For travelers who like spending most of the day outside, you won’t easily find time for the balcony so it is not really worth the extra money.Most balcony rooms come with glassed doors to the balcony to allow full natural lighting which might be preferred by some travelers. Typically balcony cabins cost 100 $ more than the ocean view cabins.

4. Mini Suites

Only recently did I find out about mini suites and they do offer a worthy deal. Mini suites, though not actual suites with separate living and sleeping compartments in the cabins provide some form of separation between these two quarters. The extra space is ideal for a group cruise,small family or for someone looking for extra room for the additional fee. Apart from this, travelers in mini suites extra get better furnishings, and sometimes extra balcony space and a few special perks and additional luxuries like premium menus and spa treatments.The availability of mini suites is limited to a small number of cruise ships making them harder to come by. However, mini suites present a great alternative to the otherwise expensive suites with almost similar features and feel. So if you are looking for a more luxurious experience but willing to save a few bucks too, the mini suite is suited for your needs.

5. Suites

These are typically the most expensive rooms in any cruise ship. Suites, as the name suggest contains two or more rooms with great spacing both inside and on the balcony. Whether suites have value for money is subject to debate. where as others prefer the luxury of extra space and added privileges offered, most find the prices too absurd, myself included. The addition of suites to this list would therefore be unwise.

So it turns out your dream cruise may not be as expensive as you thought. The four types of rooms above offer the incredible cruising experience at a pocket friendly price, each uniquely suited for your needs. Though most cruise lines are far from what we consider budget, most cruises offer seasonal discounts and some older vessels offer lower rates but without most features. This is typically perfect for first time cruisers since it offers a chance to decide whether or not you should splurge extra on those deluxe luxury cruises. Regardless of your choice of room, what is most important is having a memorable and fun experience on your cruise, whether in a cramped up inside cabin or a multi-roomed deluxe suite.