When To Avoid All Inclusive Cruises And Book A Standard Cruise

Are you dreaming of an extravagant vacation as you sail through the world’s waters? A cruise is a perfect choice to help you get the most of your vacation.

Today, there are a lot of cruise lines that strive to win the hearts of the travelers, but just as the airlines have different flying classes, the ships also come in different classes.The first decision that you’ll have to make is whether to book an All-Inclusive Cruise and Standard Cruise, as they offer vastly different experiences.

While some people choose to go for the all-inclusive cruises, others prefer sticking to the standard cruises. Honestly, the all-inclusive cruises are not bad at all, but they tend to be less favorable at some point. That said, here are some ideas on when to avoid all inclusive cruises.

1. When They Don’t Tell You How Much You Have To Pay 
An all-inclusive cruise will have a range of packages that they offer to the travelers. Out of these packages, you will choose the most suitable for you. A lot of travelers are lured to choose the cheapest package, but they end up receiving poor services when onboard. Before you make any payment, ensure that the cruise line explains what each price covers in the package.

Make sure you know if you will pay for your meals and drinks, or if the initial price on the package covers it all. Nonetheless, if the cruise line doesn’t tell you what each price covers; don’t take the deal.

2. When The Deal Is Exaggerated 
In some cases, you might be offered a deal that doesn’t seem true like the cruise line claims. Maybe they tell you that you only need to pay $500 for an all-inclusive cruise voyage. This means that you will enjoy different cuisines, drinks, luxury accommodation, and other events, only at $500.

If you are told to pay less money to receive top-notch services, you will need to weigh your options. Usually, the luxury ship might only use this strategy to make you make the first payment, but fail to deliver as they promise. In other cases, they can even end up charging you more money for the services you receive as you are onboard.

Suppose you weigh and determine that it is more reasonable to pay such amount to a standard cruise, then you can comfortably choose the standard cruise and enjoy your voyage.

3. When There Are A Lot Of Free Stuff 
One thing you should know is that nothing is completely free in the travel and hospitality world. While they might seem to be free, you might have already paid for them without knowing. This is a common scenario in the all-inclusive cruises. A lot of them will claim that you enjoy free events and foods. However, this is just to make you choose them as your voyage option. When they claim that the food and services are free, check how much the entire package costs.

Conversely, you should keep in mind that some renowned luxury ships do offer free pre-cruise accommodations and other free drinks and event to their customers. However, you will end up paying over $1,000 a night when on board. The free accommodation is offered at a nearby high-class hotel before you leave for your destination. They can also offer free transportation to your final destination.

4. If The Cruise Line Is Unknown 
This might be an obvious point, but a lot of travelers tend to ignore it. Just because you see a classy-looking luxury ship doesn’t mean that they are reliable enough to cater for your voyage. Some might be new, and they may only be after naïve customers. They may not be in a position to compensate for your loss, or you cannot file a claim if anything happens onboard. Ensure that you research about the cruise and that they have a good reputation.

5. When You Simply Cannot Afford It 
Obviously, you wouldn’t want to board a cruise that you cannot manage its cost. That is one thing you should always keep in mind. You must be disciplined with your spending. Never go beyond your budget, regardless of the deal offered by the luxury ship. As long as it is more than what you had budgeted for, you should let it go and opt for the standard cruise. Just because the cruise is ‘all inclusive’, doesn’t mean that other expenses won’t pop up.  While most things are covered, you always need to plan for a little financial flexibility to truly enjoy your trip (such as those impromptu dinners or excursions).

6. If You Have A Large Family 
In case you are planning to explore the ocean or one of the popular coasts around the world, and you have a big family, you will need to consider how much it would cost you. For a single person or a couple, it can be easy to board the all-inclusive cruise, which would be cheaper. However, a big family means that you will have to pay for every member of the family. In the end, you would have spent a lot of money.
Instead, choose to go for the standard cruise, which will help you save money and enjoy your vacation further when you reach your destination.

7. If It Has A Lot Of Negative Reviews 
You must always consider what people say about the luxury ship before you choose them. The all-inclusive ship might offer the free drinks and events as said, but their customer services might not be as reliable as such. That is why you need to check what the previous customers say about their services and if it is worth the money. There is no need for paying a lot of money and receive moderate services.

You can check online to see the customer reviews, or you can ask the previous customer personally to know if the ship can be trusted. However, don’t make up your mind after you hear negative reviews from only two people. The success or good report rate should be at least 85%. As long as the majority of the customers talk good about the luxury cruise, you should trust them for your next vacation.

As mentioned, all-inclusive cruises can be good, but not at all times. For that, always ensure you make the right decision when choosing your next cruise. As long as the luxury cruise is not reliable and it is way above your budget limit, never pick it. Remember always to be watchful about the offers made by the luxury ships before you opt for the standard cruise. It is better to pay less money and have a less-executive experience in a standard cruise, than pay too much and receive poor services in an all-inclusive cruise.